Sunday, June 8, 2008

A new fabric stash, some new pants and a new camera

So after my Essential Baby sewing friends started talking about all their great buys at the Spotlight sales I took the kids up on Wednesday for a "browse" 1 hour later, &$70 lighter in my wallet I came home with 32 metres of fabric! So far I have just bought fabric as I needed it for a specific pattern and it was driving me crazy. A trip to Spotlight everytime I want to sew... pfttt that's crazy. So now I have a nice big box full of lovely fabric and can sew to my hearts content. Above is my new impressive collection of fabric including some of the bits I had left over from before my spree. Well I think it's impressive.

I FINALLY got around to trying to make pants for the kids and my goodness they were easy! We had some old cot sheets Bella received as a baby that were no longer being used and all needed new elastic so rather than tossing them I just masacered them and made her some PJs. Of course she then wanted to wear them for 3 days straight so now they are in the wash and haven't been photographed.
Liam got these warm red cord pants made last night. These were a little bit for fiddly because I wanted pockets and to be able to up-turn the cuff, but I'm really happy how they came out. Both Bella's and Liam's pants weren't from a "pattern", just a template cut from an existing pair, but I used this tutorial.

AND yesterday we FINALLY bought a new camera. Not very flashy, but we have photos of the kids that AREN'T fuzzy. Yes people we have photographic evidence that our children don't in fact have two heads and 5 arms each.

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