Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me...

I had a lovely birthday on Saturday. I was very very spoilt with flowers, jewellery, DVD, Pandora charms, chocolates, gift vouchers and sewing patterns. My family know's me all too well and everything was perfect. Hubby & I even got dinner out with some friends without the kids who stayed at Mum & Dad's and we got a sleep in the next morning.

So with Bella's birthday approaching I decided to try some cupcake receipes (and an excuse for Birthday cake for me). Hey if I don't make it for myself who will! These were delicious. And if you love Sex & The City, these are for you, straight from the famous Magnolia Bakery in NYC. Vanilla with Vanilla Buttercream. They were pink and blue, but this photo makes them kinda green looking. The receipe really sounds sickly sweet, but they actually weren't as sweet as I thought they would come out. Definitely on the short list for Bella's party. I might try some different icing/frosting on them.

A friend is having a market day this weekend out at Bargo and is getting a nice fancy tablecloth made up so I offered to make her a table runner to go with it. We ordered this Michael Miller Spring Time in Paris fabric from fabric.com. I loved it, especially the little cafe scene and the hat boxes.

And just because... our other "baby". She only comes out of the bedroom now at night when it's safe because the kids are in bed! Not a great fan of being chased but both the kids just love her soooo much. If they ever caught her she would be squished to death with cuddles and kisses.

No sewing to report and I MISS it. All my friends on Essential Baby have been making just the most beautiful outfits and bags and toys and and and I want too! I have so many things I want to do. Maybe tomorrow if I can get some web work done.


PinkLizzy said...

Happy Birthday! It sounds like you had a wonderful day.
That table runner is adorable by the way.

Lisa said...

Thanks PL, I had a lovely day.