Saturday, June 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Princess

On Thursday the Princess is 3... She had a lovely day we

Opened presants..

Had breakfast at our local cafe where she ates oodles of bacon and sausages..

And had a play at the park.. A 3 year olds perfect kind of day.

Today we had her birthday party with a whole big bunch of friends and even some family came from interstate (Nanna from Victoria and Cousins from Queensland).
They had morning tea with scones, Apple muffins, starshape sandwiches, fruit platter, vegies and dip, and a sausage sizzle..

And of course, the birthday cake/s..

Played pin the cherry on the cupcake..

And got to hand paint a cup each to take home as their thank yous..

And chased the "Colin Monster" around (he should hire himself out to parties!)..

They also got a reusable sandwich wrap each as a thank you which had a teapot or teacup cookie inside.. (The wraps came from this tutorial)

Bella received many beautiful presants from everyone. Her main presant from Mummy & Daddy was a "new" dolls house.

When I was about 3 my Poppy made me a dolls house. I LOVED it and played with it all the time. I never let my Mum & Dad throw it away in their moves, and after 20 odd years it was looking pretty "shabby". Not the good "shabby chic" though. So for her birthday we did a renovation.

Before & After

Decked out with furniture from Mummy & Daddy and Nanny & Poppy.

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