Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Productive Day

While waiting between work downloads/uploads/email replies, I achieved some sewing today.

An apron for Isabella to use with her new oven and mixer she got for her birthday from her Nanna and Pa. The pattern is from here and just adjusted to her size. A matching one for Mummy is almost finished being cut up.

This is the Ottobre "Polka Dot Blouse" from 1/2008 version 2. I made it wider and longer but left the sleeves the same. Excuse the popcorn in the photo, the only way to keep a rowdy 3-year old still for MORE photos. Now it fits her like the illustration in the magazine fits the "model". I had to increase the width quite a bit, I think 1.5 inches each side. Happy now... on to the next Ottobre pattern.

And today Liam got his first taste of sandwich and also vegemite. He is always eyeing off Isabella's sandwiches and got to munch on one of her crusts she decided she could part with. Boy she must love her brother to part with a crust, I can't even get a bite normally.

I didn't get around to posting a picture of the presants I made for Isabella's birthday last week.

A new tutu. I just whinged this one, no pattern.

A cupcake drawing with some scrap cupcake material as the border.

A princess drawing, still needing her border. Isabella recieved a mirror and some hangers to go in her room with this little princess on them so I copied her from that so it matches.

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