Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Another Headband

Whipped up this afternoon in the madness of swimming, making a quilt and finishing Isabella's Thank You's for her party. Off to the post office tomorrow on it's way here to Isabelle. I hope she likes it! Reversible with a dusty pink one side and a pretty purple the other.

Tomorrow is our Princess' 3rd birthday and we have a fun day planned. Daddy is home with us for the day so I think an outing for breakfast is required (she does LOVE bacon and sausages), then a play, pickup Nanna from the airport and over to Nanny & Poppy's for the afternoon. Bella's favourite dinner, pizza, is on order for dinner. I think she'll be having a great day!


Gilly said...

I hope Bella has a wonderful birthday! Sounds like a lovely day planned.


PinkLizzy said...

Aw! Thank you so much. Isa will be thrilled.

Happy Birthday Bella! Love all the Pinklizzys.