Wednesday, June 25, 2008

EB Softie Swap

On Monday I showed off our softie for the Essential Baby softie swap (now named "Fishy" by her new owners over here. Yesterday before we took Nanna back to the airport to fly home to Victoria we made a stop at the post office to be greated by a big post bag. So off to the cafe for a milkshake for the Princess and a coffee for Mum & Nanna to open and here she is...

Isn't she beautiful! Once we opened her up Isabella took her around to everyone in the cafe (including the staff) and showed them her "frog with an apron on". Then started singing "Mr Frog jumped out of the pond one day and found himself in the rain...". I just love the material, especially the apron, but I do seem to have a soft spot for Amy Butler fabrics! I think I'll have to order some of this next time I order from the US.

Also inside was a gorgeous ball, with a bell inside, which Liam has taken to as you can see.

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