Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ruffled Skirt & A Morning at the Park

We had a lovely morning at the park catching up with our friends. Of course I didn't take any of these brilliant photos, they were from one clever mummy, Tanya. Can you believe she has only just started photography as a hobby, they are brilliant. Might have to convince her to come to a few other outings and scam some more photography :-) My photos I took at the park are horrendous. Unless you like what looks like Isabella with 4 arms because she moves quicker than my camera takes the photos. Checkout Tanya's blog. There are some fabulous photos of her gorgeous twin boys. After going to the park on Monday, Tuesday and again today I hope the kids don't start to expect it every day!

I made this skirt up last night and just finished it off for the Princess. It is from the free Grand Revival ruffled skirt pattern and was so quick to cut and sew up. My first attempt at ruffles and I was pretty happy with the results..

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