Thursday, May 22, 2008

Good Morning...

Just because Mummy feels sick doesn't make the world stop, all mummies know that. But what a lovely morning to make up for it.

First the Princess had her swimming lesson which she is loving and getting so good, well considering what she was like earlier this year. Her private lessons have been fantastic and well worth the extra fees. After that we did what we seem to be doing alot lately, we headed down to Cronulla Mall for a trip to the library to pickup some books, then a stop at Michel's for a vegemite scroll and milk for her and a coffee for mummy while we browsed through our new library books.

While there we did our normal stop to check the post box and how excited was Isabella to find a parcel addressed to her! We rushed home to open it and found the most beautiful kimono jacket from PinkLizzy. How gorgeous is the colour! She is a extrodinarily talented mummy. When Isabella opened it, the first thing she said it was "my Birthday jacket Mummy"... she is very excited about her upcoming birthday!

After I managed to pry it off her, we did a bit of painting and some drawing for a couple of birthday cards for 2 teachers at her daycare having a birthday this month. Painting has to be her favourite past time. Don't tell daddy, but Liam took a shine to a tutu he found.

Thank goodness it is almost time for bed. Alot for this mummy with a very sore head for one morning.

From the other night... the Monkey in action. I'm sure he is part mountain-goat.

Oh and lastly a picture Isabella did of Liam on her magna-doodle thing. It has his face, hair, eyes, nose and mouth apparently. I was very impressed, probably her first drawing that actually looks like something :-). I only wish she had done it on paper and not the magna-doodle, but I'm glad I got a photo of it.


PinkLizzy said...

Oh I'm so glad she likes it. I thought that colour would be perfect on her and she looks beautiful.

Lisa said...

It is perfect for her PL... beautiful work as always!.