Thursday, May 22, 2008

Pram Bag

You know those freebies you always get with magazines, well many a moon ago I got a large sized toiletry bag with an InStyle magazine. While it sat in a cupboard forever when the kids came along it found it's place because it is big enough to hold a couple of nappies each, wipes and a couple extra "bits".

So while the kids were snoozing this afternoon and in between emails and phone calls, I cut up my own version using the exact same size but just put a loop on each end to loop over the handle bars of our Phil & Ted. I wasn't game enough to do my first zipper for the closure so I resorted to the old-faithful press stud.

We have a few Phil & Ted bags but they either hang too low when the 2nd kiddie is in the pram or are just not big enough to hold anything other than a mobile. Oh and I tested it and you can fold up the pram with it attached! Bonus. The Princess is at daycare tomorrow so Liam & I will be testing it out at the shops.

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