Wednesday, May 14, 2008

All About A Boy

Our little Monkey is growing up.
For a little while he has been able to get from flat on his tummy to sitting, but resting himself on his legs and hands, but today he sat up on his own and miraculously didn't just fall straight backwards.
He has also for the past while been pulling himself up on his knees, but can now pull himself up to stand, as long as he can get on his knees first. Tonight he managed to climb INTO his rocker! He had no idea what to do next so just started calling out.
And lastly he has been making his "talking" noises for the past few days and tonight after much practice said daadaadaadaadaaaa...
Precious. Well as you can see from the photo except for his decorum while eating!

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PinkLizzy said...

That is just too cute. You're making me all clucky.