Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Welcome Baby Callie

What a very busy week. Work has been flat out and I have been putting together my presant for my mum for Mother's Day. Hopefully some photos to show for it shortly if I can wrangle some time this evening.

Today we visited friends who have just had their third little bundle, a 2nd girl named Callie who was just beautiful. I made her up a little pair of Mary Jane's and a matching bib which they seemed to like. She is 2.5 weeks and that newborn baby tiny that I love. I even got a little cuddle. Just don't tell Dean :-)

Except for the past couple of days, Liam is a champion eater. He seems to like everything. Well everything I cook anyway, he isn't fussed on anything "bought" except the fruits. Isabella was just the same. Even when I get the expensive Organic yummy stuff, he still turns his nose up. But I make the exact same thing and he scoofs it. Oh well can't complain I suppose. His latest favourites are Minestrone soup and a yummy Lentil and Vegetable puree. We think he has a bit of a sore throat the past couple of days. He normally eats and eats but is grimacing with everything, so tonight I have made up some yummy fruit gel with gelatine sheets and some Apple and Cranberry juice. He should enjoy that tomorrow and if it is a sore throat I'm sure it will be a relief.

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