Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mother's Day Quilt

Finally a picture to show what I have been working on. My mum barely knows how to turn the computer on so pretty safe to say she won't see these pictures!

Mum & Dad moved at Christmas into a new house and are slowly doing it up. The main wall in the lounge room is a lovely blue/green and my mum is shocking in the winter, she has every blanket in the house and jumper she owns on at one time if she's watching tv. So for Mother's Day this year, I thought I would make up a small quilt for her to rug up with using this lovely blue material that matches the wall colour pretty close.

The pattern is the free Nigella Quilt from Amy Butler, but instead of using the alternating colours for the background behind the appliques, I just picked a plain cream fabric that has white swirls all over. It came up as a lovely simple quilt which is what I wanted.

I used the mocked binding method which I don't think I'll use again. I thought I would save time doing it but it came out uneven in spots on the reverse. I am contemplating cheating and getting some ribbon and hand stitching on the back edges to cover up the un-even lines. Maybe.


Scrapsister said...

You've done a beautiful job and the colours are perfect...elegant and clean. Your Mum will love it!

Lisa said...

Thank you Kerryn

PinkLizzy said...

Wow Lisa! That quilt looks incredible! I'm doing the brick one and spent last night sewing up 184 odd retangles. Maddness!

Lisa said...

Thanks PL, I was going to try the brick one too, but of course only decided to make a quilt for mum last week and thought I'd struggle getting this one finished let alone all those blocks! Good luck, can't wait to see yours all done.