Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Royal Easter Show 2009

Our annual pilgram to the Sydney Royal Easter Show was on Sunday. This was Dean & my 5th year at the show, Isabella's 3rd and Liam's 1st. The last 3 years we have gone with our good friends and their son, our Godson Sam, but this year we also took along Nanny & Poppy and Sam's Nanny so we had a pretty decent entourage to keep track of!

Meeting a calf. See Mummy Cow checking out what was going on? Just after this they moved the calf over to Mummy and they were having a good snuzzle, very cute.

Milking a cow.

Feeding & meeting the baby sheep & goats.

This guy was pretty friendly while I was feeding him!


The Pram brigade.

Face painting.

The last ride with Nanny as the sun disappeared. We were all asleep very very early Sunday night!

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Corrie said...

don't you love the show! people were staring at us as we had a twin jogger pram and a single jogger pram full of kids!!!!

I love the show!