Monday, April 27, 2009

PJ Pants

New PJ pants for Isabella in Sandi Henderson's Dahlia Flannel. I used the instructions and pattern from Aunty Cookie's Yoga Pants for Happy Babies in the Meet me at Mikes Book.

No Isabella isn't 9-12 months like the pattern is for, but her waist is and I just adjusted the length to suit. Oh and I added the cuff, done in my own dodgy quick way. Now to find a long sleeve top and an applique on the front.

Next up a pair for Liam, but his aren't in flowers because then I'd be in trouble from Daddy. Liam probably wouldn't care though, secretly while Daddy is at work he's more than happy to don a tutu and crown and do a bit of dancing.

Off to make this Roast Chicken for dinner. Feeling a bit Martha-ry today, so far I have made a loaf of bread, a batch of lemonade scones, sewed and now cooking a roast for dinner.

PS. I got the flannel from One of my fave places to order from.


One Flew Over said...

So cute, love the flannel fabric!

Gill said...

Lisa where did you get that stunning flannel from????

Miss Moo said...

Love the fabric. Do you mind me asking where it's from?