Friday, April 10, 2009

Granny Squares Part 2

Back at my Granny Squares post I had my 5 mustard squares in progress. Yesterday I headed off to the local craft shoppe for some co-ordinating yarn and wouldn't you know it I came home with completely different colours and the mustard squares are now forgotten about.

After a lovely chat with the ladies in the shop I decided on going the non-wool route since Dean has this weird itchy reaction to wool when it touches his skin. He scratches like a dog. Men. So anyway being that I'm all considerate and all that I decided to go for this lovely soft Sirdar Snuggly Double Knitting yarn. I picked up a ball of the Light Navy (0224), Brick Red (0347) and Stone(0379).

Now my brain seems to have clicked to crocheting granny squares I was adventurous and made a bigger square and also two-toned. Talk about fancy. I'm planning red and blue squares with the cream for borders. I'd love to get my hands on the chocolate (355) but my store was out of it, hopefully I'll find it somewhere else.

I picked up the lone quilting thread I needed to for the whole 3 lines I needed to finish on my quilt, so hopefully that will be finished now.

We have a lovely Easter weekend planned. This morning I made the family these Warm Berries with Stove Top Dumplings from the Joy the Baker's blog. I can't remember how I came across her blog but goodness there are some beautiful recipes on there. Everyone LOVED the dumplings and we have plenty of the berry sauce left for maybe a dessert with ice cream tonight when the little ones are in bed. The rest of the day we have Dean's mate over for the day. Every Good Friday we all spend together, eating, playing, watching DVDs while the men cook (and drink beer). Yep I cook nothing, good planning huh. The guys call it "Tremendous Friday".

Tomorrow, the kids are getting dropped off to Nanny & Poppy's for a few hours while Dean and I go coffee machine shopping. Our anniversary is coming up this month so instead of buying little things each that we don't need we decided that something for both of us would be nice. Something to replace our Sunbeam machine that has been nothing but problems since we got it and hasn't worked in almost a year and I refuse to pay more money to get it fixed. Anyway, this time tomorrow we will be sampling coffee in the city and picking a fancy new machine courtesy of all the work I have been doing lately.

Sunday will be at Nanny & Poppy's again for an Easter Egg hunt, bacon & egg pie made by Mum and then a sleepover for Isabella. I think Monday we will be recovery mode!

Today marks the anniversary of my childhood friend Adam, whom Liam is named after as well as Dean's brother who passed away. Fate would have it that this year is the first in the 11 years since he died that the anniversary has fallen on Good Friday which it was the night he was killed. Every year we remember him passing on April 10th and then again Good Friday. I often wonder what he would be like now, gees almost 30 like me, probably surrounded by kids and very involved in my kids life as the closest thing to an Uncle they would have had other than Uncle Russ, his brother. RIP Adam.

I hope everyone has a lovely Easter Weekend with your families.

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