Monday, April 6, 2009

Knit one purl one sew none

Quilting has haulted on my lounge quilt. I ran out of quilting thread with only three lines to go, can anyone say D'OH. So close but oh so far.

So I'm back to knitting until we get to the shops. I can pretty safely admit to starting these projects because they are almost done. See I wouldn't tell anyone of the projects I've only just started cause if I stuff them all up then I can unravel and never admit to starting them. I have such confidence in my knitting. Anyway, this is what I'm doing...

The top left pair of socks minus the stripes. 1st sock finished and second half done, not bad for my first pair for socks, especially since they fit!

They're in this red. (Image from here).

The cardigan on the left from a Panda #204 pattern book for Isabella. So far the back is done, left front and almost the right front. Just the sleeves and the the neck to finish. The whole thing is knitted in moss stitch and I love Moss stitch after knitting Isabella a little bolero which had it as a border but goodness it is slow to knit a whole garment in. No wonder they put "easy" as the difficulty but then a nice note saying "needs patience".

It's in this purple from Panda Magnum Soft 8ply.

I casted on a pair of Pickles leg warmers (Image from the Pickles pattern) for Isabella tonight as I was supervising the kids were emptying the bathtub one giant splash at a time and supposedly getting clean. They are in a pink Lincraft Amalfi yarn from Lincraft that Isabella HAD to have and bought the other week and I had no idea what I was going to do with it.

Hmm me thinking too many projects on the go at once, need to finish one or two! Lucky I only have one other stash of wool for a specific pattern here so I can't start anything if I tried.

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Gilly said...

I have bookmarked the legwarmers! I also like the look of the socks - what type of needles do you use?