Saturday, April 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Patchwork Scarf

Our good friend and Isabella & Liam's Godmother, Sarah, turned 30 on Monday so tonight, us people taller than 4ft are heading out for a rare dinner together to celebrate while the Nanny & Poppy's take care of the youngens'.

Sarah has had a very hard time since Christmas, her mother received unexpected and devestating health news in January and her time left with us is very limited. Sarah has stopped working to spend all her time with her and the constant bad news and the rapid decline in her Mum is so sad to see. We hope tonight will be a nice break for Sarah and time out to have fun. Mind you we are such party animals we'll probably all be ready for bed by 9pm.

We normally don't do presents between us adults but I thought since it's the big 3-0 and after her year so far that I would make her something. I didn't buy any fabric, it's all stash so technically I STILL didn't buy anything :-)

A patchwork scarf, backed with warm white flannel. Being the special person it is for, I decided to use some of my favourite fabrics I could find. No pattern, just random rectangles sewen together.

Happy Birthday Sarah.
PS. It's slightly crushed, little Miss decided she wouldn't take it off. Took some coaxing and a trip to the park with Daddy while I photographed it.


PinkLizzy said...

Oh Lis, I love it! You did so brilliantly!

One Flew Over said...

What a beautiful gift! Sarah is a lucky girl. Enjoy your night out.