Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Getting ready for Easter

Some Easter Bunnies a la Isabella to be posted off to Nanna & Pa and Nanny & Poppy made today during Liam's nap time. The bunny image is from here but since the printer is currently unplugged from the laptop I just hand copied it and Bella colored it in, we added a tail and then she wrote her name on it.

We also made up a batch of Sultana Biscuits but they'll be lucky if any make it to tomorrow.

I found an old vintage suitcase in perfect condition at an Op-Shop months ago and it is full to the brim of all sorts of outfits and accessories now and most afternoons are spent with multiple outfit changes and re-enactments of all sorts of shows and stories.

This afternoon was no different, with a bit of dancing in front of the mirror and singing thrown in. Watching it from peering around the door was just hilarious. Like her necklace? We made it together with her new "knitting machine" she bought last week.

Isabella has an imaginary friend called Barney. Barney is a PINK dinosaur, not to be mistaken for the purple dinosaur cause hers is a girl of course.

Barney is not allowed to come with us in the car, instead she "holds on really tight to the back of the car". She has dinner at the table once we are finished and Bella can often be found letting Barney know what she's doing and why.

This took me WEEKS to figure out because she only mentioned Barney when we were at daycare so I was sure it was some new kid but on Friday, told Barney to hurry up cause we were going home and she was coming with us. Of course as soon as I asked her if Barney was invisible she said yes. We're also very excited because last week she learn't how to write her name, well the Bella bit. Now everything has her name on it.

Liam's new favourite words are MINE and No, often used in conjunction with each other. Fun. Not. He loves to draw (and cries out at the top of his voice "DRAWWW" when ever he's sees a piece of paper or a lone pen and pencil, no matter where we are. Apparently at daycare when the paints or pencils come out he is the first one at the table.

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