Friday, April 17, 2009

I Dusted off the Sewing Machine...

Last night, after the kids were put in bed I pulled out the sewing machine, dusted her off and plugged her in. It seems so long since I've sewed especially something finished since last time I sewed wasn't that long along but ended up in a huff of an empty cotton reel and lack of backup for the quilt.

I broke open my brand spanking new Meet me at Mikes book and traced my first pattern, Kara Smith's clutch. I loved it. Simple but gorgeous. I omited the big button and hand sewed snap and used a magnetic clasp instead.

All wrapped up and destined to a friend today. Let's hope she's far too busy to bother coming past my blog this weekend. I wish I had some really nice simple fancy fabric because then I'd make myself one to take to the wedding we are going to tomorrow afternoon.

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B said...

Looks like you did a great job; your friend is going to love getting that in the mail. I think I may have to check out that book and see if it needs to be added to my collection!