Thursday, October 13, 2011

Oliver & S Puppet Show Tunic (Blogtoberfest Day 13)

Last week, Oliver & S released the very popular OOP Puppet Show Tunic Dress & Shorts pattern in PDF format. I have the printed version in size 2-5y which I have used time and time again for Bella. Two dresses,  a blouse (back in Blogtoberfest 2008), shorts here (kcwc 2010), more shorts, and even more shorts (Blogtoberfest 2008 again).

The extra construction details such as the lining and little finishes on the sleeves make beautiful finished outfits. Just going back through my blog archive to find the links for above, made me realise just how many of their patterns I have made in the past.

  • Puppet Show Tunic, Dress and Shorts
  • Hopscotch skirt, Knit top and Dress
  • Music Box Dress
  • Ice Cream Dress
  • Tea Party Sundress
  • Jump Rope Dress
  • Playdate Dress
  • School Days Jacket
Phew after looking at their website and writing it all down, I seem to have a bit of an Oliver & S collection going! Anyway I snapped up the size 0-24m Puppet Show pattern for Eva and for kcwc Day 3, I finished her the tunic top in a 6-12m size.

How cute! I know she'll be getting a bunch more of these as tops and dresses, and since I think all my other Oliver & S patterns are the 2-5y size, I may need to get some of the smaller ones of my favourites.

The List
Hospital gowns for Eva
Nightie for Eva
Amy Butler Dress from Little Stitches for Little Ones for Eva
Strapless Shorty Jumpsuit from One Yard Wonders for Bella
Tova Shirt by Wiksten
Oliver & S Puppet Show Blouse for Eva
Oliver & S Puppet Show Shorts for Eva
Lisette 2245 Portolio Tunic for me


Kate said...

She is so cute!! Love the dress, I cut out some puppet show shorts yesterday - graded up to 6 - hope it works.

Cass said...

What a cutie

rachael said...

lovely :) i shared on my blog as an inspiration...