Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Library Bag (Blogtoberfest Day 25)

This morning, Liam and I hit the craft/toy room while Eva napped. I was supposed to be finishing some bits and pieces for a market and he was doing some "cooking". Those plans lasted all of 10 minutes until he found two fat quarters I had stashed away with cars, boats, trucks, helicopters etc. on them.

Next thing I know, we had abandoned our plans, he was sitting on my knee and we were sewing the world's quickest library bag. You know 'cause 4 year olds need instant satisfaction when working on projects.

So two fat quarters, lined in a plain charcoal cotton, quick handles with black webbing and matching rings and a white press stud to close. All ready to hit the library tomorrow...

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Ellyn said...

fantastic bag Liam!