Sunday, October 16, 2011

Puppet Show Shorts (Blogtoberfest Day 16)

Yesterday I sat down to steal my hour sewing for kcwc, pulling out the pieces for the Oliver & S Puppet Show shorts for Eva I had cut the previous day. Then it came to sewing on the waistband. The one rectangular piece of fabric for the waistband. The one piece I couldn't find. And I had thrown out the measly scraps of the fabric I had left. Fail.

So I pulled out the tracing paper and my Lisette Portfolio pattern from my list, ready to make up in the green linen I had bought. Pieces traced, fabric obtained, I laid out all the pieces on the fabric, then realised I had bought the fabric requirements for the short top. Not the tunic or the dress. Fail.

Then I left the sewing room.

So a quick stop to Spotlight this morning, an extra 10cm of fabric for Eva's shorts, some grey satin backed shantung (which I dont think I have sewed with before, hope it works) to make my dress and we are back on track. Seriously living 5mins from the new Spotlight is both brilliant and very very dangerous.

The List
Hospital gowns for Eva
Nightie for Eva
Amy Butler Dress from Little Stitches for Little Ones for Eva
Strapless Shorty Jumpsuit from One Yard Wonders for Bella
Tova Shirt by Wiksten
Oliver & S Puppet Show Blouse for Eva
Oliver & S Puppet Show Shorts for Eva
Lisette 2245 Portolio Tunic for me

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Rebecca said...

Very cute, I especially love the shorts :D