Friday, October 7, 2011

The List (Blogtoberfest Day 7)

Sneaking an hour here or there to get some crafting done, I've been making a list. List of things I would like to try, things that we need around the house, things to replace outfits that Miss Eva is growing too fast out of, things for everyone for summer.

Hospital gowns for Miss Eva's upcoming operation
Nightie for Eva
Amy Butler Dress from Little Stitches for Little Ones for Eva
Strapless Shorty Jumpsuit from One Yard Wonders for Bella

Tova Shirt by Wiksten : pattern ordered and on it's way

Oliver & S Puppet Show Blouse and Shorts for Eva : Impossible to find since it went out of print (I have the 2-5y version) but when I read yesterday that Oliver & S have re-released the pattern in PDF form I snapped up the 0-24mnth version for Eva

I also had a dress on my list which I tackled last night, photos coming soon... Now if I could just get to Spotlight to re-stock on white thread then I could start on my list. Ten spools of shades of blue but not an inch of white thread anywhere....

Do you have a list?


Ellyn said...

I do have a list! I've been chipping away at it, and slipping in some other fun projects... mostly Christmas gifts right now (I know I know) Oh and I won a big spool of white thread at the quilt store the other day. I'll bring it over tomorrow if you will serve me tea?

H said...

My list is WAY too long! cute nighties and things.

Kate said...

I have wondered about that Lisette pattern and the Tova. Would love to hear how you go with them.