Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fave Foods: Cinnamon Rolls v2 (Blogtoberfest Day 5)

I've made Cinnamon rolls in the past, and they were good. Really good. Made in the breadmaker, taking all the time out of it, and pretty much all the mess of numerous bowls.

But for a lazy afternoon after visiting the Art Gallery Monday morning, I decided to go the "long route" a la The Pioneer Woman.

Recipe here

The verdict?
they were good but very heavy unlike my more dry original bread-maker ones
the kids refused to eat them because they were too sweet
and I made the mistake of letting Dean in the kitchen while I was making them, so he saw just how much butter and sugar went into these babies, he refused to eat them. (and I only used about half the recipe amounts)

I have ALOT of cinnamon rolls to eat by myself. Lucky one tin went straight in the freezer, so next morning tea I am invited to, you know what to expect.

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