Monday, October 10, 2011

Masterchef Live 2011 (Blogtoberfest Day 10)

Strangest looking cows you ever did see

 Making cupcakes with Anna Gare from Junior Masterchef

Masterpieces with about 12 different layers of sprinkles and icing

Bella and Liam LOVED Masterchef Live. Personally I was a bit disappointed at the lack of chairs for each of the shows and the eating areas. We had to eat our lunch standing and spent most of the time standing in queues, but still didn't get to sit and watch anything. We managed to get a good standing spot to watch Gary cook, but had to carry the kids so they could see over everyone. Luckily while it seems everyone was watching Gary we did a quick bolt before it ended and got over to the Junior section and the kids got straight in to make cupcakes. The organisers REALLY need to re-think there jamming so may stalls in sacrificing seats for people who have paid $30 a ticket to SEE something.

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willow and moo said...

At least the kids had fun! Mollie would have thought it was tops to decorate cupcakes with Anna Gare. The crowding of stalls/activities would be an issue for me too.