Saturday, October 8, 2011

Amy Butler Dress (Blogtoberfest Day 8)

This week my dearest has been working back at work late and going in very early while they do an important project. So while I have the house to myself while the little ones are off in bed, I've been hitting the list.

Pattern: Jumper from Little Stitches for Little Ones for Eva
Fabric: Lotus by Amy Butler

Some beautiful flowers that came home with Dean early in the week

The List
Hospital gowns for Eva
Nightie for Eva
Amy Butler Dress from Little Stitches for Little Ones for Eva
Strapless Shorty Jumpsuit from One Yard Wonders for Bella
Tova Shirt by Wiksten
Oliver & S Puppet Show Blouse and Shorts for Eva
Lisette 2245 Portolio Tunic for me

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