Monday, October 24, 2011

Wobby (Blogtoberfest Day 24)

Bella woke up this morning and found she had her first wobbly tooth (her bottom right central incisor). There may have been dancing and singing involved. Apparently her school buddies have been telling her all day the best way to get it out. Lucky her best buddy's Mum is a kids dentist, she made sure Bella knew what NOT to do, like twisting it. Bella takes "doctors" very serious.. what they say goes so she let us ALL know that she would NOT be twisting it, but poking it with her tongue a little bit was ok.


The O's said...

Hoorah for Bella! Amelia has asked if Bella had lost any just the other day! might have to get some tooth receipts in the post!!

Ellyn said...

oh how exciting! I remember that first loose tooth with each of my kiddos!