Sunday, March 2, 2008

Babies & Cupcakes

Here is our little smiley man taken tonight. He's been a little grisly, we think he may be getting Isabella's cold, but he's still a happy little boy.

He wasn't too impressed with his first taste of rice cereal though!. He had his check-up at the Childhood Centre Friday and the nurse said to start him on solids soon as he was ready so after fussing around his bottles for the past few days we thought we would give it ago. It pretty much got the same reaction that Isabella gave us to rice cereal. I think I'll just get him some yummy pureed pumkin we bought from the Farmers Market at Fox Studios yesterday instead.

Isabella really took to our making cupcakes the other day. So while she was at "school" on Friday, Liam and I went up to Spotlight and grabbed some cupcake material I had spotted on an earlier trip. Friday night I made her this apron from Supafine's pattern and tutorial which she woke up to Saturday morning so excited to see an apron with little cupcakes all over it. She wore it all day Saturday, even for her afternoon nap, so it now desperately needs an iron. I should of photographed it before she got her mits on it!.

I am going to make one for one of Isabella's little friends who turns 2 this month, and this time I wont be adding the interfacing I put in. I modifed the pattern to include two 15" ties around the neck instead of a 20" loop around the neck and it works great.

Friday we went to visit our friend's gorgeous baby girl at hospital. She was only a day old and sooo adorable. Mum was doing very well and even left hospital yesterday morning... how fantastic is that. I made up a nice basket full of goodies including the baby booties and doll and some things for mummy including Spanish Churros with chocolate dipping sauce, her favourite sandwiches she couldnt have while pregnant and the cupcakes Isabella baked on Thursday with yummy pink icing. It was the first time I had visited the hospital maternity suites without bringing home a newborn baby!

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