Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Fun at the Park

Most weeks we catch-up with our lovely Mother's Group. We all met at our antenatal class at the hospital where our 1st kids were all born and 3 years later this month we are still together! Isabella loves catching up with her little friends and it is amazing to see how much they interact with each other now. Somehow we ended up with a really good bunch, they are all well behaved and we have no bullies, they all get on so well.

Today we headed off to the local gardens which are just beautiful. Isabella wore her dress I made her when I first got my machine from the first pattern I ever bought, and a hat that is supposed to be mine, but apparently no longer. At least it kinda goes with outfit, not like the bright orange cowboy hat she HAD to buy last week down the shops. NOTHING we have goes with orange!.
Another pattern I bought at the same time was a Burda Easy overalls pattern. I thought it was a good buy, with sizes from 6mnth to 3yrs, so a pattern to cover for both kiddies! It is supposed to be a beginners pattern, but it sure wasn't clear for me in some spots!. It was supposed to have pockets at the back, but I couldn't figure out the instructions. And the pocket at the front is different than it is in the pattern.

I tried it on Liam quickly before he headed to bed and before it was "snapped" and looks like it fits. He might wear it tomorrow to a playdate we have or maybe Friday when he & I are going out with his Nanny while Isabella is at kindy. I'll try get a photo of him in it then.


tanyatin said...

great job on the overalls

Lisa said...

Thanks! They are a bit big, but I know he'll grow into them in no time!