Monday, March 3, 2008

Liam's Quilted Play Mat

Here are the Princess and the Monkey from Saturday at Fox Studios, forgot I had photos on my phone. Isabella LOVES the merry-go-rounds, but isn't quiet adventurous enough to ride the horses on her own. Liam was more than happy to just chill in the pram with Mortimer the Moose.

Last night I finished off another Cupcake apron which is for Isabella's friend turning 2. It turned out much better without the interfacing. I do resolve to learn how to take much better photos of these things!

This morning while Liam was sleeping we broke out the fresh corn and sweet peppers bought at the markets and made some Sweetcorn Fritters for lunch. Both kids now have a full blown cold each, so we had a jammie day because there was alot of napping through the day, so Isabella decided to jazz up her jammies with my sunnies.

Liam's quilted play mat got finished off tonight. I am really happy with it. I did double padding for him so it is nice and soft on the floor while he rolls around. It has a plain red backing on it and the charms are from the Moda Fabric Look & Learn Charm pack. All up a very cheap play mat and perfect size.

And now all my works-in-progess's are finished! The list of what I want to do is of course getting bigger and bigger, I should really stop reading blogs and finding new things.

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