Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Meet Magoo the Monkey

I couldn't wait. The pattern hasn't even been in our house for 24 hours and he is already made, been drooled on and squished by our own little monkey. Meet Magoo the Monkey. I loved his colours, I went for pretty plain and he is just adorable, except his shorts, don't look too closely, I got horribly confused what I was doing and had an audience (a.k.a. Isabella) asking for me to hurry up so she could put them on the monkey. The just kind of became short-shorts. I didn't tack them to his body so I may just make him another less-embarrasing pair. One thing I confirmed while making Magoo - I wouldn't be able to make a gather in fabric to save my life.
And this is our monkey last night. Fast asleep with a full tummy in mummy's arms. For a baby life couldn't get any better!


Unknown said...

What a cute monkey! Both of them! ;)

Emma said...

Love your monkey. He is just gorgeous! My mum has just made 'Freya' from the same designer. She's cute too! Oh, and that photo of Liam is just adorable.

Lisa said...

Thanks :-) Don't you just love a sleeping baby. Unfortunately Isabella has fallen in love with Magoo so I think so I'm going to have to make another one. Maybe one with a tutu ;-)