Monday, March 17, 2008

Off to the library, 1-2-3

Not since I was at school have I been to the library. Isn't that sad. So on a tip from a mum in my Essential Babies Newbie Sewer's group, off we headed last week to find a sewing book I wanted. My goodness libraries have changed!! Our local library is part of a group of 8 council libraries and they have all their books online now and you can login with your account and reserve books and re-renew them all without leaving home. And the BEST part was that if they have a book at one of the other 7 libraries you can order it and they'll bring it to the library you want and it only takes a couple of days! Plus you can borrow from one library and drop it back at any other one. How organised are they!

Ok, so everyone else might not be excited but I was. We went back again this morning to pickup the Bend-The-Rules sewing book and also 2 Jamie Oliver DVDs. Sooo with our plans to visit the library more often, I decided Isabella HAD to have a library bag. So this was made up last night using the tutorial on the Craftster website. I adjusted mine with proportions just for Isabella, but the original pattern would be great for an adult. It was a fairly quick project, another one that can be finished after the kids have gone to bed.

This morning we visited Spotlight again, fingers crossed for some more cupcake material and it was ALL GONE!! I came home with some great bargins, but am now searching the wide world web for the same cupcake material as Isabella's apron. If anyone know's where there is anymore please let me know!
Using the Grand Revival Design blog tutorial I made Liam his soft ball today. What a great quick project, all cut, sewed, stuffed and hand sewed up in an hour and we're already playing with it. Another item off my to do list!

We received a lovely little package from the kids Nanna in Ballarat at the post office today. I asked her to pick me up a pattern last week and it was a surprise what was coming, I got BOTH the patterns I liked the Magoo Monkey and Under the Sea, talk about spoilt! Isabella got some new bangles and Liam a set of pretty (un-spoilt from pumpkin) bibs. Poor daddy didn't get anything. Oh well.


Emma said...

Our library is fantastic too! Check if yours has free story time - kids love it! The bag is great. My mum just finished making Mr Magoo - he is just adorable! Can't wait to see yours!

Unknown said...

LOVE your stuff! Actually, I haven't tried the library yet myself. Good idea.

Lisa said...

Thanks! The library has been FANTASTIC. Ours have a free story time, some for Isabella's age and some for Liam's age so we will have to plan a visit soon.