Thursday, March 13, 2008

Cupcake softie

We had a playdate this morning with Isabella's little friend Lacie who turns 2 next week that I made a cupcake apron for and she LOVED it. I wanted to put something else with it so I decided to make up a cupcake softie. Now before I decided to make it at 8am this morning, I probably should have found a pattern, but NO I decided do it before swimming with no time to sew it let alone search the web for a pattern. So it all go free-hand cut and I winged how to put it together. I was pretty happy with the results. Lacie's mum loved the apron so much she wants one for herself for her birthday and also for a friend of Lacie's whose birthday is in April, so I'll be back up to Spotlight this weekend (or even tonight if Dean gets home early enough) to grab some more cupcake fabric.

I joined a lovely group on the Essential Baby website for "Newbie Sewers". For newbie's these girls sure can sew! As part of the group we have just had to nominate our "to do" list. Now I must admit, I have a pretty reasonable To Do list, but I also have a HUGE list of things that have caught my eye that I'd like to make one day that takes up pages in Word.

  1. Bibs for Liam
  2. Bag for a friend's birthday in April
  3. Adult Cupcake Apron for Lacie's mum's birthday in April
  4. Toddler Cupcake Apron for Lacie's friend's birthday in April
  5. 2x Bags for Mum & Mother-in-law for Mother's Day
  6. Baby bib & booties for Cousin (when we know what sex the baby will be)
  7. Some baby things for friend (when I know what sex the baby will be)
  8. Foldup play bag for Isabella & Liam
  9. Flannalette PJs for Isabella & Liam
  10. Twirly skirt for Isabella
  11. Ballet dress for Isabella
  12. Fabric book for Liam
  13. Fabric ball for Liam

Kind of looks big when I write it all down! Now just to get Liam's christening invitations done and then I can get a move on.


tanyatin said...

man that is a big list!!! like the cupcake, very cute

Emma said...

That cupcake is soooooooo cute! How clever are you to do that without a pattern!

Lisa said...

Now to just find some more softie food to make... it's addictive!