Saturday, March 22, 2008

Hmmmm donuts.....

Ever since the 3rd birthday party we went to on Thursday, Isabella hasn't stopped singing "Happy birthday to you" and also pretending everything is a birthday presant and birthday cake. One of the Newbie Sewer girls on Essential Baby forum posted a link to the donut tutorial on the Cut Out + Keep website about a week ago and I thought I'd make it up for Isabella as an Easter present. Now she has a "real" cake to play with!
It was my first attempt at whipstitch and I am very very bad at it apparently. The inside ring of the brown donut is horrible, but by the time I was whipstitching the pink icing on I was going OK. I don't think she'll mind. The tutorial uses beads but since the little Monkey likes to play with absolutely everything he can get his hands on, I thought it would be safer to just use cotton and I embroided some french knots on it for the sprinkles instead.

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