Saturday, March 15, 2008

Teeth, Twirly Skirts & Kimono Pencil Rolls

My little baby boy is growing too quick! Yesterday we spotted his first tooth had popped through as he was chumping down on some pumpkin for lunch. At least it seemed to come through without any heartache. He also got up onto his knees and started rocking! He's almost crawling and he's not even 6 months! There should be a baby-law that no crawling until Mummy is ready.

Sewing has been quiet, we have been busy the past few days, but I did finally get around to whipping up a quick bib for Liam with some of the first fabric I bought. I have made him a bib before but this time, with him now on solids I wanted a much longer one, so I made up my own template and I'm pretty happy with the results. I think I will make up some more in this size once I grab some more press studs.

I finally made up Isabella's twirly skirt from the House of Hillroad's Tutorial. It was fairly easy to make and only took a couple of hours. I have to admit for someone who doesn't like ironing, sewing sure involves alot of ironing! Isabella tried on her "ballet' skirt as she called it this afternoon, but by the time I found the camera she was ready to take it off. Not that it mattered, the camera's batteries were flat anyway!. Tomorrow we have a lunch date, hopefully she'll wear it then and I'll get some photos.

I carry a kimono pencil roll with beautiful china dolls fabric we got from a friend a few months back everywhere for Isabella, but I always got stuck for paper. So I thought I would attempt one myself a while ago (just forgot to take photos). I added a small pouch at the back which will carry 1 or 2 A4 pieces of paper folder up, so now there is always paper on hand. A friend saw it while we were out one day and asked me to make one for her, so the blue one is now waiting to go to Sam for his birthday next week. The original pattern I started with was from the Cut Out and Keep website.

A rare quiet moment of the princess today captured on film!

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