Sunday, March 30, 2008

Smock and Play Mat/Bag

The Monkey turned 6 months on the Thursday just gone. It has gone far too quick. He has two teeth and on the verge of crawling, where has my newborn gone?

Tonights sleeping position ... why do I bother wrapping him?

It seems like forever since I did some sewing on my machine. The days do not have enough hours. This weekend we had a lazy one, nothing planned just hanging around home so a couple of items on my to-do list got finished.

The May Fly blog smock tutorial caught my eye a little while ago and I finally made it up yesterday. It fits Isabella but needs longer straps for it to have tied up so I just put on some press studs. I should have shares in the press studs industry. When I make another one for Isabella (or an almost 3 year old) I will add probably 3 inches at the end of each strap.

I also added a pocket each side so it is reversible. Isabella seems to like it, she kept telling me she was pretty in it today. (Excuse the poor photos, I don't know why its fuzzy... damn camera.)

Soozs toy drawstring bag/mat tutorial is another of the first tutorials I came across that I fell in love with. I loved the farm material used in the post and have kept my eye out for something to use ever since.

We have a collection of Little People that Isabella calls her "animals". Ok, it may be more of a civilisation than a collection. So I decided to make the bag/mat to store all her Little People in and take with us when we visit friends. So last week while at Spotlight AGAIN, I found this material stashed away in the fabric on sale, and it was perfect. I didn't get quite enough rope, next trip tp SL I'll grab more.

The mat "in action" (with a small selection of "animals"). Isabella LOVES it, she loves all the animals printed on the fabric and farm houses that are similar to the Little People Farmhouse she has. Liam didn't mind it either, he was gnawing on the rope.

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