Friday, March 7, 2008

Cup of Tea...

OK, I'm not the best sewer, I wouldn't even say I was "good", but I made this teapot for Isabella yesterday and when it was finished I showed her and you know what she said "Bella's Elephant mummy". Talk about a critic. For those who CAN sew, I got the pattern from the Vintage Ric Rac blog. If I make another one, the handle would definitley be smaller, probably half the size in the pattern. Oh and after I explained it was a teapot, not an Elephant, I got a few cups of lovely tea made with it.

This camera case tested my patience in many ways! Some tutorials I just can't follow. Overall it came out well, and was a birthday gift for a friend. Of course I made it difficult for myself by putting extra padding in, and I decided at the end to use velcro instead of a stud so had to hand-sew it on.

The last of the fruit and vegies from Fox Studios markets are gone. We had a few plums left over so I put them in the oven covered in vanilla sugar and they were delicious! Great way to use up extra fruit before it goes off (which rarely happens in this house). Drizzled with some cream they were a great dessert.

On my blog trawl I came across the thimble blog which has a list of fantastic tutorials to try. Most of these are on my to do list now!

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Belinda said...

Bella is looks like a teapot to me!!!