Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter

Happy Easter from our little Princess and the Monkey boy. Easter Sunday we are spending at my parents for a yummy roast lunch and Monday we are off to the Easter show. The last two times we have been to the show I have been pregnant so this year will be interesting being able to move around without frequent rest stops!

We don't really do chocolate for Easter at our house, we're not big chocolate eaters except for Dean. My mum asked for no chocolate so rather than not giving her anything I made her the foldup grocery bag from the Sew Eco blog she can keep in her handbag. It took a lot longer than I thought it would (really shouldn't start new projects at 10pm). I like it though, I'd like to make one for me and maybe one for Dean's mum. I used to have a real cheap one that fell apart and I found it so handy.


Emma said...

I seriously have to stop visiting your blog as my "want to do" list gets longer each time! What a brilliant idea! Love it!

Lisa said...

Thanks! My mum loved it and wants me to make one for an old friend in the UK for Xmas. At least she gave me plenty of notice :-)