Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ruby Doll

One Red Robin is a Blog from a lady in Melbourne and she is kind enough to have a free gorgeous Ruby Doll pattern so I started it last night and finished off tonight just in time to meet her new owner, a friend's little baby girl who was born this afternoon. Hopefully we will get to see the new extended family tomorrow.

She has my first attempt at both felt and using a blanket stitch which is around the face. Having no idea how to blanket stitch, I found this great tutorial from another blog, futuregirl. Her blog has a few different tutorials which I'm sure I'll be referring to again! (I seem to spend more time visiting blogs than actually sewing!).

This is the afore-mentioned "wonky-bear" because of the ear on backwards. I originally made him for the new baby girl, but can't bear to hand him over with such a big mistake... I should just call it a "feature".

This afternoon after nap time, Isabella and I made a batch of cupcakes. Well I made cupcakes and Isabella just wanted to keep stirring. After all was made and cooking, Isabella took to "cleaning" the beaters... so much like her father it's scary!

PS. Excuse the quality of the photos, the camera battery died and I had to use my mobile phone camera.

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