Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lots and lots of sewing

The new sewing machine has had a work out over the last few days. On Monday Isabella got a wrap dress which I made from a bunch of tutorials and patterns on the web. It looks gorgeous, even if I do say so myself. I even did a button hole and bias around the neck, so pretty adventurous for my first proper project after the bag. I used the Tiny Happy pattern but put it together using the What Did She Do Today blog tutorial. The dress is a bit big at the back, so next time I make one for a 2-3 year old I will be taking about 10cm off the back. I loved this pattern because I didn't anything except material, no buttons, studs, elastic etc...

I ran up a very quick bear for a friend too, but genius me put one of the ears on backwards so the pattern is facing the back... grrrrr. Bella claimed him as her own, and doesn't apparently mind a wonky-bear.

Yesterday I whipped up a very quick pillow cover from my Make It You book for an old pillow that Isabella has had on her bed that has been replaced with some new ones we got when we bought her new big girl bedding from Treehouse.

Today I started on a pair of shoes for Liam from the Michael Miller Fabrics blog, but after a very busy day, not much got done other than cutting out one shoe. I'm going to make one of the shoes first to make sure the pattern even works!

After all the sewing and playing today, Bella & I had an afternoon cappucino. Well I had a cappucino and Bella had a baby-cino, but I think she wanted my cup more.

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