Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Two WIPs

What a way to be woken up from a nap... big sloobery kisses from your baby brother!

Couple of works in progress happening. In other words, not a lot of anything getting finished :-)

I sewed a diaper cover/case today using the free Jane Andrea pattern. It holds a couple of nappies (one for Isabella and one for Liam) and a huggies wipes container and a nappy sack. Fantastic for a quick trip to Cronulla or the shops when I don't *think* we'll need a nappy, but inevitably someone will need one!

All that is left to do is a press stud. The pattern uses velcro, but I have this thing with velcro. My bags always seems to be full of biscuit crumbs/families of dust bunnies who have taken up residence, so things with velcro do not end up clean for very long.

The other work in progress is a quilted playmat for Liam using these Moda Fabrics Look & Learn charms that I got from Reprodepot.com in the US. All it needs is some backing fabric picked out and the padding and it's all done! Hopefully it will get finished this weekend.

The happy little man, taken today... He will be five months this Thursday!

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