Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

We don't do Valentine's Day presents anymore (that's what almost 7 years of marriage will do!), so this year I just made Dean a card. It was a rush job as I ran out of time, but he's used to that! We normally do something special in April for our anniversary so we'll make up for it then.

Liam is 4.5 months old now, and rolling non-stop. We can already see teeth trying to come through down the bottom and a couple vampire fangs just under the gums at the top. He is even trying to get up on his knees already to crawl, we can't believe how quickly he is doing things

Isabella had her 4th week of daycare, or as she calls it "School" last Friday and she is still oving it. We arrived this week and as soon as we got to her room she was saying "bye bye Mummy, bye bye Liam, see you later". All our fears of weeks of clingy-ness and tears haven't happened, and fingers crossed she keeps loving it. The carers are lovely and always say she had a great day and loves helping out. Seeing her so happy there certainly makes it easier to leave her 'cause we know she is enjoying her day.

We had our 3rd week back at swimming on Saturday and it was our best lesson yet. Isabella actually tried to get herself in the pool when we got there which is a first! Normally she's chatting about swimming all morning, excited the whole way to the pool but not so keen when we walk through the pool gates. This week she swam with a big smile on her face... well until a couple of kids in the class started jumping around and banged into her, then she wasn't too happy when they were next to her.

And finally... I got a sewing machine! It's only a basic one but after borrowing mum's which is older than I am and destroying copious amounts of material on it, we decided it deserved a one-way ticket to Lucas Heights centre for trash and went halves in a new little Brother PS-55. So far I have made a little bag (it's reversible) to try out a few of the features on the machine. The pattern is from a little book called Make It You that I picked up when I got the machine.

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