Thursday, February 21, 2008

Shoes, shoes and more shoes

I finished Liam's shoes from the free Michael Miller Fabrics pattern, they worked AND they fit! He seems to like them, well as much as a 4.5 month old can. He didn't try to yank them off, so must be a good sign. After a stubborn shoe last night that I mucked up a bit I made the matching shoe this morning in 15mins from cutting material to finish. I used a couple layers of interface to make them strong and they have a nice warm fleece sole. I think I'll make up some more for Liam and maybe even a bigger pair for Isabella as slippers.

I bought a Mary Jane shoes pattern off Etsy last night from Green Jelly for a present for a baby girl coming soon. They are on my list to do in nap time today. Then I'm going to get back to some Web Design work which I SHOULD be doing!

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