Friday, July 4, 2008

So much shopping... so little credit

My credit card has been bad. He has been going and inputting his numbers and secret codes into all sorts of websites in the past couple of days. Of course I'll just have to accept all the deliveries on their way to our house now. I'm very excited about all my new fabric coming!

Destined to become cushion covers for the lounge. From Anna Marie Horner's new Drawing Room collection. The whole range is devine.

From the Ginseng for Joel Dewberry collection. Don't they match together lovely?.

In the bark colourway.

From Tina Given's Chloe's Imagination collection. I'm thinking something pretty for Isabella.

From Tina Given's Butterfly collection.

These are coming from Etsy. I'm thinking the fabric as trim on some pants for Liam and the matching ribbon to go on the pockets?

We have been travelling to the library a bit lately and Isabella has taken a shine to two books in particular. Now because I want someone else in the area to at least get the chance to borrow these books since we seem to just borrow them everytime we visit, I thought I would buy them for her.

So off to the local book store, ordered them in, $40 worth but who cares for the look in your child's eyes when they get their absolute favourite books for their very own. A few days later we get a call, they are out of print and can't get them in. Bugger. Lucky I hadn't told her I had ordered them.

So first time Amazon-ion (not a word I'm sure) and $19 later both books are on their way! Oh and an Amy Butler book for mummy, but hey $9 compared to $45 for it here, how could I leave it?. So hopefully in a couple of weeks we will be reading "Goodnight Lulu" and "Where Did Daddy's Hair Go" until her hearts content. Oh and Dean does NOT find the title to the "Daddy's Hair book" as Bella calls it, funny at all. I'll definitely be heading back to Amazon again.

Now if only I had the patience to wait for these online orders...


Unknown said...

OMG! I've created a cc-ing monster! HEHEHEHEHE!
I love your taste in fabrics. I've been buying up on Etsy too. Yay!

Lisa said...

I blame PL for my bad shopping habits!