Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Little Miss Green Thumb

This morning we had breakfast at the beach with some of Bella's buddies.

Then we all headed off to an activity our local Flower Power nursery runs during the holidays for kids 3+. They got to do some drawing, then a tour around the nursery finding plants from all over the world. Each received a pot which they got to decorate with stickers and then plant their own flowers. Finished off by some face painting.

We came home via the post office where we received lots of lovely parcels.

Mummy's fabric from I picked up some really cheap cushions while at Flower Power this morning so our lounge cushions are now ready to be made...

And this package I ordered from Stubby Pencil Studio in the US here. I got some soy crayons (which really draw lovely), watercolour crayons, crayon rocks, some monkey pencils (how cute!) and two packs of their blank cards. I really liked the blank cards as they are designed for kids to colour the front of.

All packed away in our art tray with our other pencils, crayons and derwents. Maybe we'll try some out this afternoon.

I read in a blog a little while ago about buying good quality art supplies and teaching kids the importance of treating them with respect rather than just getting to use them on "special" occasions. We bought Isabella a pack of derwent pencils a couple of months ago and let her use them and she knows she must treat them with respect. I'm a a little surprised how quick she picked the message up. So these new crayons and pencils are some more nice things for us to use that I hope she enjoys too. As a child I was a big drawer. I remember a treasured pack of derwents that seemed to have every colour in the rainbow. That was until I was in year 7 at high school and someone stole them from my school bag. I was devestated and always remembered them. This year for my birthday I bought myself another set, and while they aren't as big a set as I used to have, they are just as good as I remember. I secretly hope Bella gets the drawing "bug" like I had.

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