Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Toffee Apple Bag

The EB Newbie Sewing Group has a bag challenge going that I am part of and bought this Toffee Apple pattern from Melly & Me for my attempt. Overall happy with the outcome but some of the instructions (or lack of) just did my head in. I'm definitely not a bag maker. I am not patient. I am not a precise cutter. I am also horrible at picking colour co-ordinations. Picking the three fabrics to go in this bag took me over an hour of staring at a wall in Spotlight. I was literally walking out the door when the strawberry print caught my eye. The inside is the same chocolate brown broadcloth as under the red twill tape casing the drawstring.

Next up is this Amy Butler laptop cover for Dean once I organise some stablizer and the Melly & Me Pussycat bag for Bella.


Emma said...

I am speechless! It is beautiful! Well done!

Ellie said...

Ditto what Emma said. The furtherest I have got with mine is talking/emailing that I am going to cut my fabric...lol.

Well done it looks fantastic.

Hoppo Bumpo said...

Its fabulous - and I really like the colour combo. It looks like it was a fair bit of work. I have had both a pile of fabric and an Amy Butler bag pattern sitting on my sewing table for nearly two months. I haven't been game to start!

PinkLizzy said...

Oh Lisa! It's incredible!
I can't believe this is what you were being so modest about while we were chatting!
Gah! I have to make mine now.

Belinda said...

Take heart Lisa - we had a discussion a few weeks back in the sewing group on Melly & Me patterns and they were overwhelmingly voted 'hard to understand'. They are written like no other patterns I have encountered before, and just a pain in the butt!

Lisa said...

Thanks everyone for the kind comments. For all my whinging while making this bag, I've been using it for a couple of days now and am secretly in love with it. Maybe it's just the easy to reach pockets on the outside that are doing it for me!

It was an interesting pattern Belinda, the whole base instructions just baffled me and I ignored them, but still happy. Will have to remember it for the next Melly & Me patterns I do.