Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Princess' First Bike

Every year our Mother's Group gets together and does a joint birthday party for all of the kids. This year we all packed up and headed to a local park for...

A play.

Some soccer. Although Isabella thought the goal posts made better sleeves.

I don't think your supposed to SIT in the goalposts if you're goalie Unkie Bruce.

Flying a kite. But Helena & Luke's version of running with the kite... round and round and round their daddy's legs.

That's more like it Alex.

And some yummy food. Somehow I have managed to gate-crash into a group made of very talented chefs. Hmmm sausage rolls, hmm rice paper rolls, hmmm sweetcorn fritters, hmmm pizza, hmm lemon and coconut cake. And that was just some of it!. I turned up with boring Honey & Soy chicken drumsticks. There weren't many leftovers of anything.

Liam had a ball.

Rather than getting 10 little presants, each family buys a presant for another child. This year Isabella got... her first bike!

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