Monday, July 28, 2008

10 days and counting...

Late on a Friday night 2 weeks ago I must have been delirious with tiredness. I decided that the next morning we would get up and try toilet training the Princess. Talk about forward planning!

So we got up, abandoned the nappies and waited. And waited. And waited. Finally about 4 hours of holding it in alleluia we had pee. IN a potty. And I'm happy to annouce that since that hovering-not-letting-child-out-of-sight morning we, sorry I should say SHE is STILL accident free! We've braved the outside world a few times, three times for a whole day and had a whole day at daycare. If we're home, she just takes herself to the bathroom and let's us know when she's done and if we're out, she just tells us she needs to go to the bathroom and off we go.

We are so proud of her. Her paediatric gastroenteroligist didn't think she would be close to toilet training for up to another year, so he will be estatic when we see him next month. Still nappy-ing for naps and night time of course.

Sorry for Too Much Information, continue on with your day...

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