Saturday, July 19, 2008

Floor cushions

Our new floor cushions, 1 for the Princess and 1 for the Monkey when we sit and read our stories every day.

Originally I was going to use my new Anna Marie Horner Drawing Room fabric on some lounge cushions, but the large print on them is so pretty it was a shame to not fit the whole design on each cushion side. So after a shopping spree yesterday I finally grabbed some floor cushions and used the fabric on these instead. I love that you can see the whole pattern now. I got 1.5 yards and have not an inch left, it basically got cut into four squares and nothing left.

Under the photos I finally organised into matching frames and put up last night with Dean's help. Getting them all to line up is a bit hard on your own.


Liesl said...

The fabric you have chosen for the cushions is divine. They look lovely.

Jane said...

What beautiful fabric, love the colours

Unknown said...

They're gorgeous! I love that fabric.

Emma said...

Absolutely beautiful! Love everything about them. And I love your photo wall (I have similar frames under my bed waiting to do the same thing!).