Saturday, August 2, 2008

Japanese Jacket

A japanese jacket for the Princess made in lovely linen made from a pattern from those Japanese sewing books. Lucky I've made jackets before because I was lost reading the instructions so once the pieces were cut I put the instructions away and whinged it. It came out beautifully.

My car went in for it's service this morning, and we really couldn't be bothered transferring the two car seats into Dean's car which involves moving all sorts of bolts and his being two door only... arghh. So we all piled on the train and headed to Cronulla to do our shopping. Isabella LOVES the train. I think it's a novelty, since daddy goes on it everyday, so she had her third trip on a train and Liam his first. Shame it was only for 1 stop!.

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Liesl said...

Its gorgeous. When I wing things they never look as beautiful as that!

LisaAnn said...

That jacket is too cute. She is going to love wearing it!

Emma said...

Adorable. I'm dying to do one of these soon!

Unknown said...

Oh, it's beautiful! It turned out brilliantly didn't it? I'm very glad you were able to wing those very sketchy directions. It looks incredible.

♥ KNITTING ART said...

SUPEEEER! I power,likes Home Sewing
Bloggers :=) Cheers,Mine.